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9999980 (high use)
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Medford Water Commission

Medford Water Commission - 541.774.2430
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Customers are invited to review a confidential report of their water consumption history. Just type in your account number in the space below. Account numbers can be found on your monthly bill or by calling our office at 774-2430. The graph shows 13 months of water use, and compares your usage to that of your neighbors and to the system as a whole.

Enter your Account Number:

No dashes needed in the account number; however, if your number begins with a single digit you must start with a zero.

If you aren't a Water Commission customer but want to see how this works, try these sample account numbers:

9999980 (high use)
9999990 (low use)

The graphics are most easily viewed with high speed Internet access or DSL; patience may be needed on the part of those using dial-up modems.

The Water Commission hopes that this information will help you to make wise choices about the water you use; if you'd like more tips about water conservation, call 774-2436.

Thanks to Arturo Gabaldón of Community Water Company, Green Valley, Arizona, who provided information about this conservation feature and launched the first Web site in the country using this idea in 2001; their site was funded and developed by Water CASA of the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center.